The Age Limit at Gun Lake Casino

The Gun Lake Casino in Cedar Falls, Iowa has recently placed an age limit on all gaming and gambling activities. This includes all table games, all video games and all live dealer slots. According to the latest records, the restriction began October 1st, when the new casino was being built. However, all casino owners were notified of this decision several days before it was put into effect.

gun lake casino age limit

So what is so different about this area of Iowa that it has set an age limit for all live gaming? In a word, it is location. Located right outside of Des Moines, Gun lake is a unique type of gambling destination. The area itself is part of a large city which is known for high traffic. Unlike many other Iowa sites, the area has very few problem gamblers, which is why the casino has chosen to place such an age limit on its slot machines.

Another reason the casino decided to institute the limit was to eliminate any possibility of fraud or theft. All of the slot machines are equipped with video surveillance equipment and security guards are always watching the machines. With no way for an unprofessional operator to cheat the system, or to even think about it, the casino can be fairly certain that nobody will try to use an older age to gain an unfair advantage over the machines.

In addition to the obvious of not allowing underage gamblers to use the machines, there is another more substantive aspect to the gun lake age limit. It may seem like just a number, but consider this. All of the slot machines are numbered in certain sequential order. The result is that there are seven different levels of age in which to play. For example, there is the “younger” slot level, which is only suitable for players who are at least thirteen years old. Then there is “senior” slot level, which is open to players who are at least eighteen years old.

There are also casino bonus areas in which you are not allowed to wager any amount of money at all. In these places, instead of wagering any amount at all, a casino bonus is given to people who wager a certain amount at specific casinos. In these bonus areas, the maximum amount of money that can be wagered is a set amount, and you have to stay within that amount or you suffer the penalty. The gun lake casino offers all of its bonus points to people who do not engage in any activity involving casino gambling, such as playing at the machine inside the park.

Those who violate the age limit at Gun Lake casinos will be subject to penalties, including possible fines, and could also be barred from future casino opportunities. While there is no real way to determine how many people are breaking the law, it appears to be widespread. At one time, there was a local law that said people over a certain age could not gamble at all at the gun lake. However, that was eventually dropped, and now the only way to play at the lake is by booking a room at one of its casino resorts.