Gun Lake Casino Buffet Prices

The Gun Lake Casino Buffet is truly a buffet of delights, appetizers, alcoholic beverages and dessert for your next casino party. The buffet has many items like roasted chicken breast, Caesar salad, roasted turkey breast with balsamic dressing, baked potato salad with blue olives, grilled cheese and grilled shrimp, baked potatoes, ham, turkey and pastrami.

gun lake casino buffet prices

There are also some unique items that can be enjoyed at the buffet. The Gun Lake casino buffet prices are extremely competitive when compared to those found at Las Vegas casinos. The items available at this buffet include finger foods and sandwiches that are freshly made onsite. The items are all made by expert cooks and have their own individual flavor and texture.

The Gun Lake Casino Buffet also features some delicious desserts. A selection of mini banana splits, white chocolate truffles and whipped cream are offered as dessert. There are also several different kinds of cheeses that are available as a selection from the cheese selection. The selection of cheeses and the breads are all made from the highest quality. The choices of breads are also available in a variety of flavors.

The Banquet & Grill Restaurant serve up their signature burgers, hot dogs and other items. The food comes with a choice of fries, salads, chicken wings, pasta and pizza. The catering service also offers a free drink to all of the customers who come to the restaurant during the casino party. You will find a wide range of beverages served at the restaurant to cater to the various tastes of the different guests.

The Gun Lake Casino Buffet is located just minutes away from the casino. If you are planning a night out, there is not any better place than the buffet to relax and enjoy with your family and friends. You can find great deals on the Gun Lake Casino Buffet online or by calling the casino directly.

The Gun Lake casino is considered to be one of the most popular casinos in Illinois. and has been rated by the Chicago Sun Times as one of the top five hotels in the area. The location in Gun Lake County is perfect for the tourists looking for a relaxing vacation. You will have so much to do and explore if you spend time at the casino. It offers both dining and entertainment.

The dinner buffets are made from a variety of local and imported delicacies that are prepared fresh on site. These buffets are available for lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday nights. In addition to the dinner buffets the casino also offers daily breakfast, lunch and brunch.

Many visitors prefer the restaurants and pubs of Gun Lake over the casino because they are more affordable and easy to find. With an online search you can find many restaurants that are close to the casino to accommodate your shopping needs or to satisfy your thirst for delicious fine dining while staying in Gun Lake.