Enjoy Your Stay At The Gun Lake Casino Hotel

There are several notable amenities to be found at the Gun Lake Casino Hotel in New York. However, it’s the amenities that all guests can take advantage of at this New York casino resort. The friendly staff are always ready to answer any questions or concerns about a guest may have regarding casino rooms and floor reservations. The casino hotel also offers complimentary morning coffee and breakfast at their wonderful breakfast nook.

gun lake casino hotel

The Gun Lake casino resort and hotel have a very impressive, and fully equipped spa and salon on site. Guests are welcome to enjoy a relaxing massage or massages in the smoking lounge, which offers an exciting lounge atmosphere with multiple televisions. For a stress-free experience, the casino staffs the lounge with games for all guests. Guests are free to come and go as they please, while the staff will keep track of the room keys. It will be no problem when your room keys will then be returned to you after you’ve finished with your massage.

Of course, casino guests will also be able to receive fresh made juices and smoothies in the juice bar. Smoothies can be savored at the bar with some fine wines and Champagne. The casino also offers excellent customer service from the desk for guest inquiries.

Another enticing feature to be found at the casino is the two-poker rooms, one of which is fully equipped and includes tables for forty players. The adjacent eighteen-player room is also equipped, so you can play both low and high limit game at one location.

The Gun Lake Casino Hotel also offers table tennis, table football, billiards, and online poker. There is a twenty-eight-seat high-roller poker area for guests to enjoy. Other facilities are a billiards room, a home theater room, a full service conference room, and a restaurant that offers over 30 gourmet selections for guests to enjoy. The restaurant also serves the freshest salads and delicious appetizers.

Once you have finished your meal, you can head back to the casino, where you can enjoy free refreshments. The casino is open from Monday through Saturday, with special events and promotions happening throughout the week. When there is a special, be sure to check with the casino to make sure your schedule permits you to attend.

The Gun Lake Casino Hotel is home to some of the most outstanding people in gaming. This casino resort and hotel offer excellent customer service for all of their guests.