An Overlooked Attraction to the Greater Wisconsin Area

One of the best kept secrets of the world of gaming is Gun Lake Casino in Granite City, Michigan. Considered to be the northern most representative of all Michigan casinos, the location is ranked among the top five in the state for casino gaming and has won six World Series of Poker tournaments. In fact, the city’s consistent winning streak has earned it a reputation as one of the best choices for casino gaming in the nation. With events hosted throughout the year that feature millions of dollars in prize money, the annual budget is no small sum.

gun lake casino michigan

However, when it comes to fun and entertainment, nothing compares to the old-fashioned casino experience. And no trip to Gun Lake can be completed without at least a little gambling. There are a variety of tables on the premises including those specially designed for card games like blackjack and roulette. The slots are also popular, as well as an amazing array of poker games including Omaha, seven-card stud, and more. There is even a special board game on hand for those who want a break from the more traditional casino games.

When it comes to actual gaming, however, things aren’t as laid back as you may think. In addition to regular casino games such as roulette, craps, baccarat, and video poker, there are also blackjack and keno, in addition to everything in between. If you want a chance to win some money, there are no shortage of ways to do so, as well as a variety of spins. In addition to winning a portion of the money that you place on the table, you can also win tickets to popular theater shows, complimentary meals, and much more.

But perhaps the most popular aspect of the casino is the live entertainment that takes place on a nightly basis. Hosts like Jim Norton and comedian Donnie Gilliard entertain guests with comedy and originality, as well as offering music and dance performances. And in between sets, the audience can watch as the lights of the stage burn out and the band takes to the stage for their set. The show typically concludes with a show from a special guest or band, as well.

As you can imagine, food is another big reason that many visitors stick around. Besides live entertainment, the food on offer is always top notch. There are dozens of different kinds of food to choose from, including steaks, burgers, hot dogs, corn dogs, salads, and even desserts. You can even get pizza delivered if you happen to want to take that trip to Gun Lake, or enjoy one of the local restaurants for an authentic dining experience. But of course, no visit to the casino would be complete without enjoying a drink, either.

The bar area is located just off the casino floor and offers a full range of beverages, as well as a buffet of complimentary snacks and drinks. While you are waiting for your turn to play, you can peruse the gift shop, which features such notable brands as Max & Harry’s, Blargh Communications, and Smuckers and Larder. If you are lucky, you might even end up with a chance to win a prize. Of course, you will have to be there for the duration of the blackjack game! But the experience will certainly put a smile on your face, and light up your day in the process.